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Why no Haircut or Shaving or Nailcut on tuesdays?

Cutting Hairs, Nails and Shaving is prohibited on Tuesday in India. Most of these people in India and around the world do not know the reason, Why no Haircut or Shaving or Nailcut on tuesdays? and just following the crowd on the name of custom or tradition. So, I decided to do some research and find out the truth behind it and found out some really knowledgeable and must share stuff.

Why no Haircut or Shaving or Nailcut on tuesdays?

Well there are two type of belief behind this custom (tradition). One is traditional belief i.e. what people believe and other is scientific belief . We will talk about both traditional and scientific (or ancient) belief with some of its history one by one:

◾Traditional Belief (what people think):

It is believed by most of the people in India that Barbers do not touch their tools on tuesday as a tradition. And also it is considered ominous to get your Hair cut or Nail cut or Shaving on Tuesday. So, People strongly prohibit to get their Hair cut on Tuesday.

◾Scientific (Ancient) Belief:

Unlike the present day where every profession has a holiday on Sunday, a.k.a the weekend, people in different professions had different days of the week as a holiday in ancient India. Barbers, whose job was not only doing haircuts but also trimming nails, observed their weekly holidays on Tuesdays. This was done so that people got a day off and still had access to other services that would still be available on their holiday. Eg. a vegetable vendor would still sell vegetables on a Tuesday, and since a barber is off on a Tuesday he could do his grocery shopping. Likewise, on another day when a barber is on work, let's say the vegetable vendor is off and can get a haircut without worrying about his business.

As time went by, the holiday pattern changed but people still do not get a haircut on a Tuesday. Since nail cutters are now common, nobody bothers about a nailcut on Tuesday any more. But sadly, in some communities, cutting nails and hair on a Tuesday is considered a taboo, although people have forgotten the main reason behind why their ancestors did not have it cut on this day.

The fact behind this custom is so simple but we made it complicated unknowingly.

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