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Why we touch feet of our Elders or Saints?

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In India, We have tradition of touching the feets of our Elders or Saints. This has been following up from very long time. One of my friend asked me, is there any reason behind that. I have done some digging on internet and find out many interesting facts behind it. It gives me pleasure to share that information with you all.

◾Traditional Belief:

We have a tradition of touching elders or saints feet before any special occassion. This is the way of showing our respect towards ours elder. In the human body, one's head is considered the most honorable part, where out knowledge, mind, consciousness reside, and the feet are considered least honorable, as they are closest to the ground, dirt, elements. So, by touching an elder's feet is a huge sign of respect, we are effectively communicating that, even their most dishonorable part is respected by us and is higher than their most honorable part. It's a sort of bowing down to the experience and wisdom of the other person. The elder normally will respond by placing a hand on our head, acknowledging our most honorable part.

◾Scientific Belief:

According to the conservation of energy:

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It changes from one form of energy to another.

Basically, we are surrounded by the energy. This Energy is flowing into and out of your body all the time. I'm not talking about energy from the food we eat as a card carrying member of the Food Chain. Energy flows into our body from the surrounding air, from surrounding objects, and from the sun when you're outside, or even light bulbs when you're inside. Energy also flows out of your body into the surrounding air, into the surrounding objects and even into outer space, most notably if you are outside on a clear night. There are different form of energies available such as Heat Energy, Potiential Energy, Kinetic Energy etc.

Lets take a instance of heat energy:

This type of energy transfer from one place to another place is driven by differences in temperature and is called heat flow. When we put on a jacket in winter, or wear shorts on hot day, we are adjusting heat flow, trying to help our body to keep its temperature very close to 38 degrees C (98.6 deg. F). It's a never ending struggle. Energy as heat is always flowing out of, and into, our body.

Human body is a conductor of electricity. It consists of positive and negative energies which flow continuously end to end. For better understanding lets divide our body vertically into two parts: the left side of body possesses negative currents and the right side possesses positive currents. The two parts collectively form an electric circuit with positive and negative currents. When we touch the feet of elders by standing in opposite direction the left hand touches left foot and right hand touches right foot. Thus energies meet, form a big circuit and energies flow uniformly without any ups and downs. as elders or saints possesses more positive energy so it flows from higher region to lower region. When elders bless the person by touching their head with right hand increases the free flow of positive energy.

We can illuminates as saints or elders act as "battery" and the person who touches the feet act as "device" that uses the energy to lighten up. So, it is advised to touch the feet of Saints or elders to get the positive energies from Elders.

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